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Vacuum deposition of thin films (PVD)
Huygens Optics can coat objects with a thin layer of material, using a method called Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD): A coating material and a substrate are placed in a high vacuum chamber (typical pressure 10E-6 mBar). The coating material is thermally evaporated and then deposited in a thin film on the substrate.

With this method very thin layers (typically a few hunderd nanometers max) can be deposited uniformly. Materials can be reflective or anti-reflective, and can be metals, metal oxides or even organic compounds. To assure a good adhesion, the objects are first cleaned with a reactive plasma inside the vacuum chamber right before the film deposition.

At this moment, the PVD-service is only available for aluminium, silver and quartz. In the future, more coatings will become available. In the mean time, it is best to contact me directly if you have a specific quiestion on the subject.

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