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In my spare time I like to make videos on technical subjects, which are published on the Huygens Optics Youtube Channel.

Why is this space telescope so tiny? October 15, 2021   
Interview with Rik ter Horst who is an optical engineer at NOVA-Astron. The subject is the manufacture of very small telescopes which he makes completely by hand for use in satellites. In addition, the video contains an introduction on the principle of Cassegrain- and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

Making OLED Displays September 2nd, 2021   
The video discusses the theory of operation of OLEDs and also shows how they can be made in pratice, with the use of photolithography with a 3D printer and thin layer deposition using physical vapor deposition.

How big is a visible photon? July 5th, 2021   
In this video I discuss the behavior of photons/electromagnetic waves especially the aspect of interference. At the same time, I wanted to set an error straight that was presented in a previous video. The video involved ("Photons in Radio Waves and Visible Light"), contained a mis-intepretation of the observed phenomenon. The current video not only exposes the flaw, but presents a better explanation.

DIY Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) using Thermal Evaporation May 20th, 2021   
This video discusses the building process of a system for doing Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD).

Etching tiny patterns in glass using hydrofluoric acid (HF) Feb 23rd, 2021   
This video contains an overview of some glass etching experiments I did with Buffered Oxide Etch (HF / NH4F). Just for the record: the video is not meant as an encouragement to start experimenting with concentrated HF yourself.

Making Optical Logic Gates using Interference Jan 16th, 2021   
In this video I am looking into the idea of using optical interference to construct different kinds of logic gates, both from a conceptual- as well as from the practical perspective.

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